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About Community 360° – Trusted Volunteers for Nursing Homes

For more than two decades, Community 360° has trained trusted volunteers to become companions for the elderly in nursing homes. Nearly half of all residents never receive visitors. Community 360° volunteers offer these residents an essential bridge of connection, dignity and friendship – to brighten days and improve their quality of life.

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All Community 360° volunteers go through a thorough screening process because they work closely with a vulnerable population of older adults. A volunteer training class empowers committed individuals with the skills needed to serve in long-term care facilities. Every volunteer is then assigned to one skilled nursing or assisted living facility in the Omaha Metro area.

The regularity of the volunteer’s visits builds trust, which in turn builds a community of social support for residents in each nursing home. Currently, about 150 Community 360° volunteers serve 15 facilities in the Omaha Metro area – and our numbers are growing all the time.

The nonprofit organization also hosts community events for and with the elderly, such as an annual “Christmas in Our Hearts” concert, and a citywide event to deliver Valentine’s cards to nursing home residents.


Become a volunteer: http://www.community-360.org/index.php/volunteering/

Donate now: https://www.community-360.org/index.php/donate/

Community 360°
P.O. Box 3301, Omaha, NE 68103
Phone: (402) 556-8032

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