Computer Basic Education/Setup – David Cohen, Ph.D.

Cohen’s Computer Club provides one-to-one instruction in basic computer skills at your home or workplace. We are a full-service organization. If you need help in purchasing a computer, we will accompany you to the store and help you select a computer, monitor, printer, and whatever else you need. We can help you unpack and assemble the computer. We’ll get you started with email, virus protection and other basic needs.

Once you’re set up, you’re ready for our individual instruction in accessing the Internet (e-mail, Skype, etc) and in using tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

If you already have a computer, or you use a computer in your work, and need to improve your familiarity and functionality with particular programs, we can help with this, too.

For more information call Dr. Dave at 402-637-3935 or visit our website at:

David Cohen photo 10-2-13
Cohen’s Computer Club
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