Hospice Care

Pathways to Compassion offers hospice, home health and palliative care. Hospice is a service provided to the terminally ill and their family to ease the physical and emotional trauma associated with end of life. Pathways to Compassion (PTC) hospice was formed # years ago and now operates hospice programs in Nebraska.

Hospice services are provided in the home, in long-term care/skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, and in hospitals. The bulk of reimbursement for hospice services comes from Medicare (over 70%), with managed care and Medicaid providing the remainder. To allow us to serve a greater patient population, and meet the changing needs of our patients and families, we offer home and palliative care in many of our locations.

PTC prides itself on its record of employee retention, its openness to innovation and, most of all, for the quality of care that it consistently provides.

For more information, contact:

Diane Henry
Pathways to Compassion Hospice
287 N 115th Street
Omaha, NE 68154
Main: 402-333-3149
Fax: 402-333-3146
Website: pathwayshospice.net/hospice


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