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With nearly 20 years as a Business Consultant working with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes, Kathleen Kauth excels at providing objective, strategic guidance to business leaders. Executive coaching, conflict coaching, strategic planning, team facilitation and special project management are offered. In-depth corporate consulting can also include actively working long-term projects within an organization as an in-house consultant.

Corporate Mediation uses tools and strategies to improve communication and resolve conflict between individuals and groups. The goal is to guide them to develop workable, forward-thinking plans, ensuring that the mission of the organization is met. This type of mediation can be used with workgroups that are experiencing high levels of internal conflict that negatively affect their performance. Oftentimes, an objective third-party with no vested interest in the outcome is able to remove the emotions involved and guide the participants in resolving the conflicts.

Understanding the needs for thoughtful mediation with families facing decisions related to aging, Kathleen has developed expertise in Eldercare Mediation to serve the older adult community. As adults age, issues such as living arrangements and personal care, medical or financial decisions, and managing relationships can be fraught with tension and conflict. An Eldercare Mediator has special training dealing with issues associated with aging, and works with an older adult and their family to manage communication and any conflicts that arise. Because Eldercare Mediation is not well-known, she is actively educating the public about how Eldercare Mediation works and welcomes the opportunity to present to interested groups.



Kathleen Kauth
Owner, K.T. Beck Enterprises, LLC
Mediation and Business Consulting

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