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Susan is the owner of Premier Alert Systems which was founded in 2003 in Omaha, NE for the express purpose of helping older adults remain safe and independent.  Whether they live in a house, apartment, an independent or assisted living community, Premier Alert Systems can provide safety and security at the touch of button 24/7 with a medical alert system.  Premier Alert Systems serves Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and the surrounding communities.

Medical alarms provide peace of mind for the individual and their family.  With a medical alert system an older adult can summon help at any time.  The button worn by the older adult is waterproof and can be worn when bathing.  It is small and light weight and easy to wear.  Seniors living alone find the medical alarm and its features very beneficial to their safety and security.  Optional Wellness Checks and Medication Reminders are also available.  In addition, Premier Alert Systems provides a Lock Box that can be mounted outside the home and used by a responder to access the house in case of an emergency.  Medical alert systems are much like insurance; you have them to protect yourself in case of an accident or emergency.

Automated Medication Dispensers are a wonderful way to keep older adults independent and healthy but insure they are taking their medication accurately and on time.  Medication mis-management is one of the largest problems among older adults costing billions of dollars each year for unnecessary hospitalization.  Our medication dispensers dose up to four times per day.  At the appropriate time, an alarm sounds and the medication is ready to be dispensed.  The senior slides open a small door on top of the machine and exposes the medication to be taken.  Once the medication has been taken there is nothing else they have to do until it is time for the next dose.  The medication dispenser is easy to fill and operate; a family member, caregiver or nurse can fill them for the older adult.  The medication dispensers can now be monitored and an automated phone call, text message and/or email can be sent to a caregiver letting them know a dose has been missed.

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