Medicare Insurance Solutions

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Medicare Insurance Solutions

Let me simplify Medicare and Medicaid for you.

Know your options and how they affect you.

I don’t charge a fee to help, I get paid by the insurance companies.

I am an independent insurance agent. Not tied to any one company. I help you compare your Medicare Options. Every year I am tested , trained and approved for each Prescription Drug Card and Medicare Advantage Plan that I use.


Let’s compare Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Cards and Medicare Advantage Plans. Then I will help you enroll in the one you like. Let’s look at all your Medicare Options.

I look to see if someone qualifies for help paying for prescriptions, Part D Premium, Part B Premium or Full Medicaid. And if someone is close, is there a way to get them to qualify.

October 1st of every year the new rates and benefits are released for the next year. Every year, there are rate, benefit and formulary changes. New plans may be added and some plans may not renew.

I can update and provide information regarding Medicare and Medicaid. Get your questions answered.

Matt Jetter 402-215-1017

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Dental and vision plans available.

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